Saturday, 19 July 2014

Catch up

Summer doldrums.

However, there's always something to look at/for. It's been an excellent breeding season compared to last year. We've gone from record late to record early! The harvest has already started. We've even had the man from Birds Eye giving the green light for the peas in the middle of the night! Many "Autumn" flowers are already"out" e.g. Buddleia. Rowan bushes full of berries? It'll be interesting how it affects the birds.

While I have an hour I thought I'd post a few topical images...

First the local Sand Martin colony. I guess you could call it a Hive of Activity! Not a fan of death by photograph but here's half a dozen images to hopefully give you a flavour of the colony. Impossible to give a final count yet as many young still in their burrows.

Hungry youngsters

Will-o-the wisp birds. Hope you like them...

Lesser black-backed Gulls tomorrow

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