Saturday, 14 June 2014

Rare breeders on the Patch?

A time of high sensitivity regarding breeding sites but without giving to much away I'm chuffed to report a few notable records.

Lesser-black Backed Gull - I glimpsed a chick on the chimney stack yesterday morning. Hopefully, I won't be rescuing one from the local teenagers this year!

Fulmar - I've seen a couple of birds over the last few weeks along the cliffs at Easington, so I took the lad for a stroll along the beach this morning. One of the first birds I saw was this species! I walked up the beach as far as I could (which wasn't very far), I had a few fly-by's but no evidence of landing although they circled a few times?

A jizz shot!
Managed a slightly closer image but they were will-o-the wisp...appearing and disappearing, covering large distances in no time at all...

So, together with the Marsh Harriers at least 3 quality species "present in the breeding season" on the Patch.

Oh...and then there's the Little Terns of course!!! More on them later...

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