Wednesday, 25 June 2014

LBBG...great news from With!

Quite a few posts on Gulls to say I'm not a big fan? I guess I have a special interest in these birds as I see them virtually daily!

So, following on from yesterday's birds in Hull I can announce breeding success from Withernsea...

Let's hope they don't fall off this year! I've seen 6 adults in the town this summer.

Had an hour out tonight and came across this chap on Snakey lane...not a great image but you get the clear idea of avoidance!

Cracking animals
I've got (at least) 2 singing Blackcaps in my village but trying to get a pic has been a nightmare. They are VERY active and there is very little light in the understory. I did manage a record shot...eventually...

Last image for today comes from the backyard as the local Whitethroat decided to perform...

more breeding evidence!

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