Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Mission statement: "I'm a Birder who takes photos for my Blog!"

I don't like it (somewhat of an understatement) when some chaps (selfishly) decide to push the boundaries and get too close...which sometimes means the bird gets flushed...and disappears!! Not good, especially if you've traveled hundreds of miles to see it!!!

It's as if there's an unwritten law that they can go "closer".

I haven't got a DSLR or/and a £5,000 lens, just a point and shoot 600mm equivalent . I have however a 1.7 conversion lens that brings the bird, not the photographer, closer... 1020mm equivalent. There's a Canon SX50 that has a 1200mm equivalent lens!

This morning I gave it an airing. A singing wren on the clifftop at about 30m...

not bad
Helicopter over the clifftop...

I personally find the above image amazing. Nothing to do with me (well maybe a little), but amazing affordable technology. I'll be experimenting more with some birds shortly...

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