Monday, 7 October 2013


I'm afraid I didn't get my village lifer after all! See comment in previous post. Thanks to Paul Doherty for clearing it up. This bird did fool a lot of people however.

Tricky those Buzzards...

I saw it at 1.20pm. Was it the same individual seen over Spurn at 2pm?


I would like to retract the "fooled a lot of people" quote...It fooled me! I feel the Spurn bird is definitely a different individual...which could have confused some?

I agree with Geoff Dobbs that... "tail is key". I was never totally happy with this feature and I'm afraid I was swayed (wrongly) by the bird reported at Spurn some 30 minutes after my sighting. Two of my pals (who will remain nameless!)...both experienced birders, were also fooled.

In my defence I never studied the bird as I was in a hurry and presumed it was just a Buzzard (which it turned out to be). Watching the movements of the bird and it's jizz would have helped. I still maintain plumage features vary dramatically, especially when relying only on a few snapshots.

The power of suggestion is strong as many a mis-identified MEGA will testify...

Thanks again to Paul and Geoff for their input.

Hopefully, a lesson learned...

Finally, it seems the right time to declare I'm no expert. Just a bloke who enjoys blogging, is an enthusiastic amateur who enjoys Birding and learning. I like to think I know what I'm looking at most of the time! I've enjoyed the whole episode, especially the support I've received.

Nobody knows it all...time to move on...

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