Monday, 14 October 2013

Gripped off - but happy?

Checking my pager during a rest period at work, I read a message I'd been dreading. A "good bird" in the village!

A VERY good bird in fact...Pallas's Warbler!!

No chance of having a stab with one of the longest shifts on the rota. Just proves though that great birds do like Holmpton...that's the happy bit.

I contacted a couple of mates who searched for it (Rich Willison and Phil Jones) but neither saw the bird. I also received a text from Tim Jones...much appreciated pal.

Congrats to the just makes me more determined to "find my own". It's not easy I can tell there's the constant temptation of a certain site down the road...
Late news of a couple of Hawfinches in "Kew gardens" yesterday. I spent some time scanning but just Thrushes and Blackcaps for me...

2 to go...then 11 off...hope that MEGA'S on the way?


Tony Disley said...

Hi Alan, I found the Pallas's on Monday, I got some pics of it, they are nothing to write home about but more than identifiable, if you want me to email you a pic of it email me? I also had 4 Yellow-browed's on Tuesday in Holmpton

Tony Disley

Alan Whitehead said...

Love to see them Tony. I'll put them on the Blog if that's OK with you? Congrats again on a great find.