Sunday, 6 October 2013

An honest tale

Decided to spend my day off down at Spurn after the obligatory dog walk and dearth of birds on the clifftop bushes.

2 hours around the south side of the Gas terminal proved fruitless.

Then a report of a Little Bunting seen by Mick Turton on the north side...but no further sightings as far as I'm aware.

Home for lunch rather late as I bumped into my mate Vince and his pal.

As I turned the last corner before the village I spotted a "Buzzard" drifting slowly south in the distance. I'd put my bins in the case but the camera was handy and I managed to rattle a few snaps off. No specs in the car...but no probs, I'll take a look later.

Back down to Canal scrape car park were I bumped into Vince again. "Did you see the Rough-legged?" he asked!!

Even then, me being me, the penny didn't really drop! I said this was an honest post.

I spent mid-afternoon around Kew and the churchyard. I did have good views of a Firecrest but not as good as when Adam caught it/one...

So, great stuff. Another sighting of one of my favourite birds. I was feeling the pace a bit now so I decided to head home.

I downloaded my photos. Lets see what I managed on the "Buzzard"...

Oh dear!

Just shows...never assume anything, as a young colleague at work once told me!!!

My defence has already been posted. Feeble I know, but there it is...

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Bird Images said...

This is definitely a Common Buzzard and the photos are good enough to age it as an adult (clear-cut black trailing edge to the wing, narrow dark subterminal tail bar).

A Rough-leg would have a more contrasting tail band, dark carpal spots,pale underwing coverts and different body markings.

So you didn't misidentify it, but you do lose a village lifer!

Good Birding

Paul Doherty