Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Spring over?'s the 6th June tomorrow. Always a significant date in my mind. Spring probably at an end, although this year who knows? I always expect a biggy for some's a few of them...

Black Duck

Baillon's Crake

White-tailed Plover

Greater Sand Plover

Ivory Gull

Scops Owl

Tree Swallow

Collared Flycatcher

White-throated Robin -
who could forget!!!

Citril Finch

Quite a list!! Well worth being out there tomorrow I feel, if you can of course. I'm on afternoons so I'll be up early having a go...

Added Thrush Nightingale (P.131, S.102) and Marsh Warbler (P.132, S.103) to the patch year list...after all, they were there, I heard them!!

Had an hour along the canal this morning hoping for a glimpse of the female Red-backed joy but added Reed Warbler (P133, S.104) to the year list(s).

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