Monday, 17 June 2013

Pacific Swift - A twitch of woe!

With the kind assistance of a workmate, (cheers Mark) which allowed me to finish at 1, and my wonderful partner Louise, we made the trip belatedly (fatal) down to try for the bird.

As I arrived the pager informed me that the bird had disappeared. I made the long walk anyway and watched lots of Swifts. Alas the bird had flown...

I'm not going to harp on with a sob story, just to say that I found it remarkable that it hung around so long...unfortunately not long enough for me. Still, maybe the next one at Spurn (4 sightings) will wait for me.

I would have got it Saturday evening but I did the right thing and went out for the promised thank you meal with Louise's parents.

I guess if you drop everything no matter what and can go 24/7 you will (obviously) maximise your chances of success. If you have a life however this is simply not possible.

Graeme's (my eldest lad's) wedding on Saturday when I will definitely NOT be twitching!!!

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