Tuesday, 7 May 2013

When the dust settles

Well, that's it. The epic journey is over. Still recovering from the "jet lag" which seems to get tougher every time. Nothing to do with advancing years of course!

4,500 miles covered, shared pretty evenly between us. The holiday covered the Upper CoastCoastal BendRio Grande ValleyHill CountryDavis Mountains and Big Bend...phew! Lots of great memories and glorious sights seen. Took a few photos along the way, some of which I'll be posting in due course. Could be a few days before I start the review as I'll be back in the saddle early tomorrow until Sunday.

Kick started the British Spring with a Cuckoo (P.111, H.58) and a few Swallows (P.112, H.59) this morning. Then a quartet of Whimbrel (P.113, H.60) flying south along the clifftop this afternoon reminded me there's always something to look out for...no matter where you are!!

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