Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Out of context

Managed (at last) to get down to Spurn. Weather was typical...poor! After a quick scan around Long Bank Marsh I made my way down to the Bluebell car park. I noticed a small passerine hopping about on the grass. Threw me completely...admittedly I'd just woken up after a "power nap"! Got quite excited for a short while, then I realised it was a Spotted Fly (P.115, S.85) behaving in a weird way!

Also enjoyed prolonged views of three Cuckoos (S.86) sorting out partners!

Rather like this surreal image of two of them zooming past me at close quarters...

Also added Sandwich (P.116, S.87) and Little Tern (P.117, S.88), Scaup (P118, S.89), Swift (P.119, S.90) and Sand Martin (P.120, S.91). Added Swallow (S.92) to the Spurn total.

Whimbrel (S.93) on the way home was a nice bonus...

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