Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mixed Habitats

Back to the old stomping ground today. Enjoyed a couple of hours at Duff...or should that have been endured in a cold northerly wind. Don't you just love our springtime?

The usual fare was on display, with a notable number of Swifts (c200) on view. I was making my way back to the car when a raptor shot low and fast between the bushes...HOBBY!!!

The Duff strikes again...

After driving back I spent the last couple of hours around Kilnsea. I decided to take Bud along the Humber towards Sammy's to have another look for the R.B.Shrike. As I was approaching the "spot" I heard Rich Swales proclaiming over the radio..."Great White Egret (P.126, S.99) flying over towards Kilnsea Wetlands if anyone is interested". I was!

Top left!

I picked it up, followed it across and watched it drop down onto KW. When I reached the car I drove down to the car park and joined the small crowd by the hide. It was at the far side but good views were had by all. As I got back to the car I saw it drifting over the floodbank onto Beacon Ponds. Another Spurn Lifer (260).

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