Sunday, 19 May 2013

DUSKY dusk!

As the news broke late on Friday night I was snookered by work on Saturday till 3. Could I make it to Kent before dusk? It would be tight...very tight. I toyed with the idea of leaving it until today, especially since I'd been up since 5.

A couple of phone calls to Louise and the decision was made...we were going for it!

I got home around 3.30. Louise had put together the necessaries and off we went...Bud came too. I gave myself an estimated 30% chance. Looking now at Google maps it estimated just over 5 hours. We needed a clean run...we fortunately got one. The sat nav helped out with the final twists and turns and we arrived at Margate cemetery at 8.10.

No-one around! What to do?

I'd phoned RBA on the way and I remembered the lad had said turn right inside the entrance...that was presuming I was at the correct entrance!

I headed for the corner and then, thankfully I saw 3 birders having a chat. They'd obviously seen it as they were relaxed! I walked past them as I saw three more chaps in a more focused state. One was looking up into a tree through his 'scope.

He kindly allowed me a peep...and this is what I saw..

MASSIVE relief!!!

It was 8.20pm!

The bird remained on the branch during my visit. I can safely say I was the last birder to connect with this MEGA of MEGA'S. The bird was not present this morning which was obviously a sickener for the "Sunday lads". Gutted for my pal Haydn.

I was prepared to stay overnight if I hadn't made it. We stayed anyway at this superb hotel. Thoroughly recommended.

The old adage proves true again...GO ASAP. I'm feeling rather smug at the moment...

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