Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bolivar Magic

No joy again with Bobolink sightings despite extensive searching am. Had lunch at Rollover Pass. Simply superb. Large numbers of White (9 foot wing span!) and Brown Pelicans. Also, finally managed to find some Caspian Terns...interesting comparing them with Royal.

Afternoon and evening spent at High Island. Firstly at Boy Scout Wood, then onto Smith Oaks. Much prefer the latter. A natural woodland with many mature Oaks. After yesterdays euphoria the first birds I saw were three Bay-breasted Warbler in one tree!! Didn't spoil yesterdays moment at all.

Managed to find the Great Horned Owls (thanks to Tim Isherwood). Superb, cool birds...

While setting up my 'scope a Yellow Rail flushed from the roadside ditch. Then as I was watching the Owls a Belted Kingfisher landed on the wire directly in front of them.

That's Texas...

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