Thursday, 11 October 2012


Computer or internet (or both) playing up tonight so the photo I was going to thrill you with won't be appearing. Grey Catbird was the offering which I took (guess where) in Chicago. No, I didn't see the controversial Anglesey bird. Maybe this year? At this rate I'll have been through most possibilities by the time I leave for Scilly on the 19th...earlier if a Lifer turns up.

More techno. I stumbled on Blogger stats which informed me I have in fact had over 51,000 hits of some description

Pageviews today 58

Pageviews yesterday 111

Pageviews last month 2,239

Pageviews all time history 51,028

This doesn't really tally with my Stat counter? Never mind. Just glad I'm not talking to myself!! Thanks again.

It did download after all...

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