Friday, 5 October 2012


Long walk along the clifftop this morning produced 5 Swallows and a Red-throated Diver. Business in Selby this afternoon then a walk with Bud at dusk producing 3 calling Tawny Owls again. A last glance out to sea and BINGO...Short-eared Owl hunting the clifftop fields to the north. About time a Barn Owl made an appearance.

MEGA count rising. Whopper in Ireland. Never been and never will. Britain for me. Must have saved a fair few quid over the years. Ireland is just in the way!

Need SYKE'S WARBLER but not enough to travel to Scilly...there'll be one on the East Coast eventually. Not sure that applies to the SWAINSON'S THRUSH though? Still pondering on that one. Too late now.

Saturday tomorrow, so it's off to Spurn. Hope something (really) good turns up...

Palm Warbler
 Although it's doubtful with a high pressure moving in from the Atlantic. You never know. At least the weather will be nice...

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