Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday morning magic!

Deadly seawatch at Out Newton didn't get the weekend off to a flier. I watched the sea!

The news soon started filtering through from down the road. Firecrest still present. That'll do me.

I was determined to connect this time and set up vigil opposite Sandy Beaches. I noticed a couple of Goldcrests but no sign of the "little gem". After around 20 minutes I noticed another birder waving frantically from further up Beacon Lane.
"I've just had it to 4 feet" he informed me, pointing to his notebook?

With this he drifted off and I continued scanning. I was joined by Geoff Dobbs and Mike Bayldon. After a short while we picked up some 'crests' in the opposite hedge. We decided to try the other (sunny) side. This paid dividends as within 5 minutes I'd connected (S.93, P.156) albeit briefly. Always gives me a buzz to see this bird, especially in clear Autumn sunshine. A bonus came in the form of my first Siskin (S.94, P.157) of the year...

I then made my way up to the churchyard on the report of a YBW. Plenty off bird! As I was leaving I saw Geoff and Mike running towards the Crown and Anchor!! This is surely a good sign (and a rare sight) I thought to myself. I even managed a run of sorts myself! I was then in the initial situation of knowing there was something good but not having a clue what it was?

Turns out it was a distant Honey Buzzard (S.95. P.158) over the Humber...NICE. Only my second record for Spurn.

Finished off a great morning down at Sammy's but no luck with the reported LEO.

I always have heightened expectation on Saturday morning...maybe it's the last remnants of Footy days gone by?

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