Thursday, 27 September 2012

Pleasant morning

Nice start to the day with a couple of young deer on the cliff top pre-dawn.

One last look...

Not much doing despite extensive scanning except a Redstart. I decided to try for the Greenish Warbler at Kilnsea. Joined the small group but it wasn't cooperating.
We did however all enjoy great views of a Lesser Whitethroat...

Rich Willison turned up and we spent a pleasant hour searching the area for our quarry without any luck. An old gentleman into who's property we were peering got quite annoyed!! Eventually we managed decent if distant views (P.154). Also saw my mate Vince (although not to talk to) and Joan Fine who I hadn't seen for quite a while.

Reflecting on the last week or so it's just sinking in how lucky I've been. Firstly connecting with and obtaining such excellent close views of my nemesis Cory's followed up by just making it by minutes for the PGW.

Hope I've not used up all my luck for the Autumn? Scilly from the 20th for 7 days.

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