Tuesday, 25 September 2012

No reward

Started with a fruitless hour scouring the clifftop bushes. Bits and Bobs at Spurn so I had a ride down. Crown and Anchor car park again drew a blank with no sign of the YBW or the RBF.
Beacon Lane next in another forlorn search for a LEO.
Did bump into Rich Willison, Keith Rotherham and Brian Fendley.
Spent the last couple of hours searching Holmpton...nowt!
After all this depressing news I need a pick-me -up...

Above is a Cooper's Hawk that patrolled Montrose Point for at least 3 days. I even saw it trying to catch a squirrel on one occasion. Here's a shot of it lurking in the understory...

I'll be out on the cliff at dawn...

Stop press: Just adding my sightings and realised I picked up a Patch year tick with 3 Pinkfeet (152) down Beacon Lane. Result!

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