Sunday, 23 September 2012

Back with a BANG!

Opportunities were limited for Blog posting and let's face it...I'm on HOLIDAY!

We had a great time, as usual and I'll be sharing some of the highlights over the coming weeks...birds that is!

Keen to join in the fun on the East Coast...and find my own, I've been scouring Holmpton these past few days, without much luck, it has to be said? Many Yellow-browed Wablers just down the road at Spurn...couldn't find one here! If, no when, I find one here it will be all the sweeter.

Sea watching has also increased and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. Spent some time yesterday afternoon with Phil. Buddy decided to stay with Phil as I made my way back to the car! Wouldn't budge. There's gratitude for you. I was knackered, still adjusting after the holiday. Words were exchanged...he understands now...I think?

Down again first thing this morning. Stall set out, lets have a gander...

I hasten to add this is not my photo!

BUT it's my 370th YORKSHIRE TICK (P.151, H.104) AND seen at Holmpton...FANTASTIC!!! MY bird was in view for around 10 minutes as it effortlessly meandered north at around 600 yards giving great views. Almost certainly the same bird was later seen at Hornsea.

It only took 25 years!

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