Saturday, 25 August 2012


Up earlier this morning around 6. Lovely calm morning but not much use for Seawatching! Still, gave it a go...the world loves a trier, right?

Highlight was a Great Northern Diver on the sea, early doors...

Phil joined me for a while then news came through of a Spotted Crake at Beacon Ponds. After ploughing through the mud we joined the small group but the bird had re-located to thick reeds!'s holiday time! We're off to the States for 3 weeks on Monday based in Chicago. Our retirement from teaching trip. My lad's coming to look after the house with his doggy...

Can't see any security issues!
Great company for Bud and Smokey

This will be my last post from England but I hope to give updates of my trip from time to time from America.

I have a few ABA target birds, namely:-
Greater Prairie Chicken
American Woodcock
Cape May Warbler
Bay-breasted Warbler
Connecticut Warbler
Red Crossbill
Eurasian Tree Sparrow!

However, the Birding part of the trip is more about enjoying the fall migration lakeside and (hopefully) improving my 1w Warbler ID skills! Ready, of course, for when I find one at Holmpton on my return!!!


jonny said...

Have a blinder bud. i was in Driffield wen GBT broke, missed it by 15mins! huge Yorks bird still. one day.........

Alan Whitehead said...

Hopefully we'll both see the next one!