Saturday, 9 June 2012

Too much time on my hands!

My enforced BIG SIT (mainly in the house until recently) means I have had a LOT of spare time. No need for violins as I'm FULLY aware of all the people grafting away earning a living...much respect!

WE have a few irons in the fire regarding earning possibilities, post retirement (from teaching only I quickly add).

My (unintentional) original Blog deletion has forced me to experiment with a new design. Still not 100% happy but it keeps me busy! Bit of a Jubilee theme at the moment!!

Back to birds. The ROLLER continues just up the road despite the horrendous weather. It must be the most photographed bird for many a year. I admit I had another peep as I was going north to Flamborough for the adult Rosy Pastor but it moved on. Gives an excuse to post a pic anyway...

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