Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hopes dashed

After doing some bits around the house I looked at the weather forecast for this evening, looked OK, so I thought I'd have a run up to Aldbrough.

The skies were clearing as I arrived, things were looking good for a pleasant hour watching this beautiful bird in the evening sunshine. I saw a couple of familiar faces and I walked down to have a chat.
I glanced into the field to see if it was on it's favourite post only to see a photographers head sticking up about half way between the road and the post!

Surprisingly, the bird was at the far side of the field!!

I like to think I've mellowed (slightly) over the years? So I walked slowly up to the gentleman and politely asked him if he'd mind retiring to the roadside, explaining the "favourite post".

He did come back but then gave my friend and I several reasons why we were wrong and he was right! Hopefully you can read between the lines here!

The fact that thousands of people had seen fit to view and photograph from the road over the past week or so made little impression here.

Unfortunately the atmosphere I cool down. My friend was still in heated debate as I drifted off over the hill.


Mark said...

This is becoming an all too common occurrence and in this case would definitely warrant naming and shaming. If someone pisses me off in this manner I take a photograph and if it's still pissing me off by the time I get home I post it on the web.The tw*ts with cameras are becoming a bigger problem on my patch than dog walkers!!

Alan Whitehead said...

Some, fortunately only a few...are never close enough and VERY Selfish.
Great Blog Mark by the way.