Friday, 8 June 2012

Euros - great start

Just watched the first game...surprisingly entertaining! Still, we don't play till Monday. No bigger fan than me but can't see much progress with the current squad. Having said that we've had so called "golden generations" in the past who performed miserably so maybe Uncle Roy can whip 'em into shape?

Took Bud out this morning down the lane and I could hear a Cuckoo close by. I optimistically went back for my camera. I could still hear it but with the trees now in full leaf I didn't fancy my chances of a pic. As I bent down to throw his stick the bird landed on a bare branch right above my head! By the time I'd sorted myself out it had gone...

Saw the physio today. It seems I must continue to be patient regarding my hip as it could be up to 3 months before it settles down completely. OK, so be it, but I'm not sitting around any longer, I might even climb on a bike again if I can force myself to wear one of those daft helmets!

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