Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day out

Had a ride up to Flamborough yesterday. We just happened (yeah right) to pass the ROLLER site, so it seemed rude not to stop!

Unfortunately the bird was distant so we continued. A couple of traffic problems slowed us down, so our intended visit to Bempton was abandoned. Instead we went to the headland and took Bud a walk.
Louise noticed a group of Birders looking into the gorse field. "I wonder what they're looking at"? Like I didn't know.

So I had a brief peep at the superb male Red-backed Shrike.

On the way home another stop at the Roller Site was in order. Again distant views. So, being a good lad we continued so we could watch the Jubilee concert. As we passed "the post" I glanced to my left and the bird was back on his perch in glorious sunshine!
Louise being the star that she is suggested I try again. We parked up and I made my way to the gap in the hedge. You guessed it, back into the distance the bird had returned.

Really enjoyed the Concert. You won't be surprised to here I particularly enjoyed the wrinklies BUT I was really impressed with the young lad with the guitar...whoever he was? Just looked it up...Ed Sheeran.

Best performance...Shirley for me.

Still fiddling with my new style Blog.
Anything could happen! The new format allows more scope and I've managed to work out how to add some pages at the top.

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