Thursday, 10 May 2012


Do you ever wonder (plenty of time to do that at the moment!) where the rush for more Megapixel and Zoom will end?

What's important?
1. Image - Stability/Quality
2. Speed of Focus

I guess the big question the bigger image still as good? Remembering the ability to crop of course. Megapixel number is well beyond the number required these days for excellent images, in fact many believe a reduction in this aspect can improve the image, it's more to do with the sensor...apparently!? I told you I had to much free time!

Bridge cameras are a convenient, relatively cheap and lightweight way to take pictures of birds. They will never give you the quality of image a DSLR will but I've never fancied lugging all that weight around (I leave my 'scope most of the time these days) or spending all that money (top lenses can cost £5-8,000!!!).

So, with the introduction of Nikon's latest bridge camera the Coolpix P510 with an unbelievable 42x Optical Zoom, as said above...when WILL the limit be reached?

I then came across this article by a reviewer I respect. Makes you think, doesn't it?

A 24x optical zoom gives you a 600mm DSLR equivalent!! Seems much above that is of negligible improvement?

I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ45 which performs admirably.
Out of curiosity you understand, I've managed to acquire a P510 on approval, so I'll give it a trial and let you know what I think...for what it's worth...

While I'm on the subject...digiscoping. I've never been that bothered with attachments, although I'm sure they're a good idea, just preferring to plop the camera on the eyepiece and see what happens! Again, good fun at times but I don't want to spend to much time fiddling, whilst something good flies over my head!

My trusty TZ7 still stands up for this purpose...

A topical image from Bempton 2010

Louise took the "crock" out this afternoon. Managed a few Swifts (114) at Out Newton...

Lingering for a month in Cadiz!!!

File:Terathopius ecaudatus -San Diego Zoo-8a.jpg
It's not an adult but this looks smarter!

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