Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I decided it was time to test out my ability to drive after the Op. Where could I go? Not too far of course, just somewhere local?

I know, Patrington Haven!

Got there around 8, no-one in sight? I gave Chris Batty a ring at RBA. He said Martin Garner had seen it earlier. I asked if it was OK to have his number and he said yes. Called him 3 times, no answer. What to do...you know how it is.

Not being able to walk far limited options so I hung around the car park area. Martin then called and said I'd be as well hanging around maybe 50 yds along the track to the Humber bank, as I'd have a panoramic view from there.

Within 5 minutes I noticed some Harriers drifting closer and lower. Marsh Harriers, 3 of them! Then, another, smaller...BINGO!!!

Thanks to Chris and Martin for the help.

An excellent claw back Yorkshire tick (369)...and quite a Patch tick! Some great shots here

Footnote:- I tried for the last one after work in 03. Time was tight going through Hull in the rush hour traffic. I was in my trusty Mondeo that was on it's last legs. It was around 6pm. I then noticed smoke coming from the bonnet! Engine had overheated...game over!
I've convinced myself ever since that I wouldn't have made it...the bird was last seen at Sammy's Point at 6.25pm flying west.

Fotenote 2:- How this bird has been de-valued nationally. Hardly gets a mention these days. A bit different than in '95 when I made my one and only trip to Orkney (on my tod) to see Britain's first really twitchable bird!!
Organised coaches to ferry us to the site, saw it with minutes to spare before we had to return for the boat. Great memories.

How times change...

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