Thursday, 17 May 2012


I was going to have a steady morning after yet another poor nights sleep. As it was Louise's day off we were going to go out locally this afternoon. All that changed when "the box" alerted me to the fact that there were 2 BEE-EATERS at Kilnsea!

Always worth seeing, so off I went...

When I got there I bumped into Phil Jones from Withernsea who put me on them. They were distant (P118) and soon got flushed by a passing Short-eared Owl.

I decided to hang around for a while in case they re re-located, unfortunately I couldn't help with the search! After a short time the pager went off again, they'd been seen again at Patrington Haven. I arrived to join a small group of Birders, some looking for the PALLID HARRIER and some that had just seen the BEE-EATERS flying west...again!

What to do?

I decided to drive further west a few miles along the network of small roads that skirted the southern area of the Humber Bank. 30 minutes joy. Another message from the trusty pager...BEE-EATERS seen again along Channel Road. I'd just driven down this road so I quickly re-traced my route scanning from the car every now and again.

As I passed a farm I looked up at an overhead wire...surely not...OH YES!

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