Thursday, 29 March 2012

Easter...bring it on!

The glorious weather is indeed incredible. Do you ever comment on it with words to that effect only to be told "yes, but it won't last"! or "That'll be it for the year" etc.

...but it's lovely today!!!

As for Birding. High pressure not the best. Still, patience is a virtue and there's plenty to come. Still no Chiffy in the village?
Had to go into Withernsea this morning. Stopped off at the sewage works for Bud and bumped into Phil with a mate. Had a brief chat and he informed me they'd earlier seen 2 Black Redstarts at Out Newton.
Worth a look me thinks. No sign however. Seeing as I was in the vicinity I had a look for the Little Owl ad sure enough after a brief scan I picked it up on the derelict building in the field opposite Model Farm. I gave Phil a call and he arrived a short while later. Within 5 minutes he'd finally connected.

We did a seawatch from the cliff at Holmpton in the afternoon but it was predictably quiet (as the grave) although 3 Great Crested Grebes were notable.
Louise finishes at lunch tomorrow, then 2 weeks on the coast...tremendous

Got to make the most of it. Op on the 16th...

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