Sunday, 19 February 2012

In off

Spending more time on the coast this half-term week, I've made a few discoveries. "In off the sea" is a common enough term in birding circles. Seeing 45 Lapwing drifting in was an unusual sight (at least for me).
No luck in finding W.W. Gulls but 33 R.T. Divers on the sea off Holmpton Cliff was pleasing, together with a few Guillimots flying north. Also added L.T.Tit to the Garden list.

Great to see that the COMMON YELLOWTHROAT re-appeared for the weekend chaps. Saturday morning must have been a little say the least!!

Temperatures forecast to soar later in the week, maybe up to 16C...a few early migrants would be nice...maybe a Firecrest at Spurn?

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