Friday, 17 February 2012

At Last!

All's well again.

Spent the morning around the village (Holmpton) and then an hour down at Beacon Ponds. Managed to catch a female Sparrowhawk warming up in the early morning sun thanks to a male Kestrel which flew up to join it in the trees opposite the Cottage.

Beacon Ponds has always been a favourite site of mine and I hope to visit more frequently from now on. The 4 Scaup are still present...

One missing!

Also an impressive number of the dapper Brents. 650+ on the B.P. plus c150 on the adjacent developing environmental agency site.

Nice views of the under-rated and overlooked Stock Doves...

Lucked in on a group of Yellowhammers (10)...

So, as long as my lap-top behaves, it's back to regular lucky people!?

p.s. COMMON YELLOWTHROAT in Wales. Brings back memories of 1997 when my youngest lad Robert accompanied me on his one and only trip to Scilly. The fact it took me 3 days to see it almost certainly finished off any interest he had in twitching, which to be honest, wasn't much!!!

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