Monday, 12 December 2011

Tough going

Spent some time sat in the Geoff Smith hide today. You can only look at cattle grazing for so long! No, there were birds around, you just had to look hard and be patient (not one of my strengths except when Birding). The Whooper herd flew in...I counted 51 with many immatures, a couple of distant Buzzards floated around over Aughton in the winter sunshine. An old couple joined me and couldn't understand why there was no water! I remained politely silent. A while later, the highlight...2 more Buzzards approached together from the direction of Bubwith Ings. Closer and closer they came...over the river, still closer...then one flew right over the hide at around 30 feet giving superb views...if only I hadn't left my camera at home...AGAIN!

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