Friday, 9 December 2011


Well, took Lou to the flicks last night to see the BIG YEAR. Loved it! Yes, it's Hollywood and there was obviously some poetic licence but it WAS based on a true story and Birders try to beat the record every year. The acting was excellent and it had a strong cast which helped to develop the story's strength. It expertly explored the effect it can have on relationships...and finances. We can all identify with that! Having travelled extensively in the States and built up a 650+ list I could relive many locations I had been fortunate enough to visit.

I've already mentioned that John Vanderpoel is attempting to beat Sandy Komito's record of 745 and as you can see he's in with a shout! He's on 738 with 22 days to go...just 8 needed...should be worth watching...

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