Sunday, 16 October 2011

Worth a try

Made the trip to Norfolk with Haydn driving me down...thanks pal. Tony Dixon from Flamborough decided to wait for news. Unfortunately Haydn only has a 2 seater van so we couldn't take Andrew this time, sorry pal. He did make the trip with another mate however. We arrived at dawn with the journey passing swiftly due to the excellent company. We made the thankfully short walk to the site and joined the throng (c700). It was a superb crisp and clear October morning with the sky sprinkled with flocks of Pink-footed Geese...brilliant!
Unfortunately there was no sign of the RUFOUS-TAILED ROBIN and groups (too) soon began to drift away. I still feel it was worth the trip as I don't have to go very often these days. Another MEGA that's been seen on the mainland. Maybe next time?
ASAP always the way for me...

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Andrew Kinghorn said...

We are glad we went aswell mate, I would rather have gone and the bird have gone than not gone and the bird be there.

The next Rufous-tailed Robin will be in Durham! I hope haha