Sunday, 23 October 2011


Well, thought the plan was sound. Reached St Levan for dawn and waited. Not a sniff. Then just before 10 a sudden mass departure? "It's on St Mary's"!!!
Stranger than fiction.
Arrived on the Islands slightly early around 3.20 were I bumped into Andy Walker who'd cleaned up...nice 1 pal.
Taxi up to the site but no sign of the Tanager...
I still feel (know) I had the right strategy but I didn't have the right amount of luck!!
Luck improved with a further taxi to Lower Moors were I connected immediately with NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH and the WILSON's SNIPE. Amazing and very lucky that the former has been there so long.
I'm VERY satisfied with how things went because there's no way anyone could have predicted the series of events...and it might still re-appear...although I doubt it now.
That's it for now. There will be daily updates due to my limited mobility. Mark at the digs has offered to transport me around the Island... result!


Paul said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get the Tanager Alan. Felt for you when news broke on Scilly having read that you'd changed your flight times. It could still turn up or there could be something even BIGGER out there to be found. Wish I could get down for the snipe but that'll have to wait for another time. Hoping for something on the East coast this week that I can actually get to see for once!!!

Have a great week

Alan Whitehead said...

Just bad luck Paul! Like you say, hopefully something else still to come?