Saturday, 8 October 2011

Scilly scores again!


Always a very special, enigmatic bird. 44 records but still a MEGA bird for me. Just checked my records...12 years ago since I saw a couple around the airport on St Mary's (26th October)...the last Scilly time flies.

Had a ride out to Spurn today and a short walk with the Budster. Not much around but there were a few groups of Redwings around...signs of Autumn/Winter. We bumped into a lady who recognised Buddy (not me!) which led to a conversation about my Blog. Sorry I forgot to ask your name... but this is a kind of mention I suppose! We'd just reached Patrington when the pager alerted us to a Common Rosefinch back up the road! We let it go but once again it shows the pull of Spurn.

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