Friday, 7 October 2011

Back online!

Finally got back online at lunchtime. It appears the problem was with BT not O2. Anyway it's sorted now. I went for my X-Ray this morning. It's still sore but settles down with rest. I'm OK for driving and short distances but it soon starts to ache...time will tell?

I've been hobbling down the first hide to stop myself going stir crazy. I managed to finally see the Green Sandpiper (106) on Wednesday. Elaine and Arnie had mentioned there'd been one hanging around for a while but I'd failed to connect until now. Buzzards have also been showing well with 5 birds in view yesterday, 3 over NDC and 2 over Bubwith Ings.

Another "WILSON'S SNIPE" on Scilly and a quicker conformation! I've seen a couple of "pending" birds over the years. It will be interesting to read the accounts on this individual.

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