Monday, 26 September 2011

SHORT-EARED OWL - 4th record

not my pic!

Back to local birding after the excitement and exhaustion of the weekend! It was just turning 6.30 when I scanned the Carrs and was rewarded with my 4th record of this superb Owl (105). It made it's way north along the river towards Aughton and I had a brief further sighting on the far end of the reserve at 6.50. Great Stuff...

Sandhill Crane postscript
The bird has departed South? Could it land again in Britain...Yorkshire?! I suppose it could be viewed as lucky to get this "one back" after missing it 2 years ago on Orkney. I prefer to take the view that it's justice for the weekend only brigade. Just couldn't do Orkney at weekend...only just made Loch of Strathbeg, driving there and back...getting soft in my old age!

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