Monday, 19 September 2011

Scilly status...last comment

I've just read LGRE's comments on Scilly. He makes some fair points but for me it's more than just rarity hunting. It's a special place to which I will always return. While I'm still teaching it will always be half-term week when I can meet some old friends and share a story or two. The fact that Louise also loves it is a big bonus!
Yes, it's getting more expensive, but what isn't? I maintain that birds will always turn up here. If there's less people going, never mind...there's more chance of yours truly finding something!!!

SOLITARY SANDPIPER lurking around the Dump today. Memories of the bird I saw in 2000 which remarkably stayed 30 days allowing me to connect on it's last day and my first!


James said...

Alan, don't you think its odd how Lee made the comments off the back of Scilly's best week in 12 years? There are some valid points but surely you should be cresting a wave of yankee euphoria rather than writing the islands off. Lee has his detractors and his supporters and I am neither - all to their own etc. but his voice is so vocal and all pervaiding and endlessly negative and critical of the birding scene now with regards the birds, the people and the locations. It isnt great for the hobby. I wasnt there in the 70s or 80s or even the 90s but the hobby is amazing. Scilly is a place I would love to visit and hopefully it will still have the potential to amaze when I eventually get over. We arent writing Flamborough or Spurn off after a quiet few weeks are we? Hopefully when you get to the south west plenty of goodies are waiting for you and with the big high over eastern europe it could be from both directions!

Alan Whitehead said...

We need more birders with your optimism James. I'm knocking on but share your views. Like any spot it can be quiet BUT the buzz when something turns up can't be matched anywhere else...