Thursday, 25 August 2011

Holiday yarns 1 - FLAMMULATED OWL

OK, here goes. Over the next few days I'll be posting the highlights of my trip, mostly bird related with a few anecdotes thrown in...hope you enjoy them.

27th July
Met up with Brian Linkhart as arranged at Rocky Mountain Research Station, Manitou Experimental Forest (phew!). Nice bloke. Also met a Brit (name gone...apologies) who now lives at Cape May!! He'd been photographing Red Crossbills by the entrance gate (yes, I missed them and didn't connect the whole holiday).
We set off around 5.45 up an interesting mountain road...I use the word road in the loosest possible sense!
Eventually we reached the site and Brian led us to the nest site. The other birder suggested tapping the tree. Brian didn't think this would work but was willing to try. TAP...

I'd heard a Flammulated Owl in the Davies Mountains, Texas (ABA rules allow a tick on Owls) but I wanted to see one, so happy days/nights.

We stayed past dusk and our friend obtained some excellent shots with his long lens. I'm happy with the point and shoots I got here. The trip back down the mountain was more than interesting...but we made it!

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