Monday, 13 June 2011


Thanks to James for putting me straight regarding the W.W.S. in Aberdeen (see comments). Might be a long trip on Friday/Saturday if it hangs around? Could I have made it yesterday...mmmmmm!

Binoculars 2
Like I said yesterday I'd never looked through a 7X before! I love my Trinovids. However, we do live in a dull (lit) country and I spend a lot of time out there in cloudy/low light conditions. My trinos are classics but they're not that bright. Enter the Leica Ultravid 7x42HD. Yes the image is obviously (slightly) smaller but the view is simply stunning. The brightest, sharpest image I have ever seen. Have you ever looked at your car body work in bright sunlight? Just had to get them. Can I afford them...time will tell!!!

Not a MEGA rarity but a MEGA bird...great find in Suffolk today...

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