Saturday, 25 June 2011

Big (medium-sized) Sit pays off!

Had a steady morning following a Drovers Arms (Steak Pie plus Black Sheep) last night. Got a text of Haydn around 12.45. He'd had 3 Green Sands and a couple of Lapwing chicks on Skippy. I said I'd meet him at Duff car park. We went to the G.S.Hide and started putting the Birding world to rights! He told me about his Crete trip and the views he'd had of ELEONORA'S FALCON. Large numbers of Swifts were noted plus a few Curlews, Snipe and a foraging female Blackcap. Around 3.20 I had a very brief view of a raptor shooting down towards Garganey hide. Presumed it to be a Sparrowhawk but something was niggling me?

Haydn had to leave around 3.45 but I decided to stay for a while longer. Then it appeared...sat in the bush at about 100yds a superb HOBBY!!! (103). Quick phone call to Haydn required. Caught him just before the A64...straight around the roundabout. Also texted a few of the locals and Elaine from the village managed to make it down. Fortunately the bird performed superbly preening in the bush for over 30 mins allowing Haydn to get these shots through his 'scope...


Absolutely made up with this sighting. My first "find" at NDC and something of a pay back to Haydn for getting me my NDC Lifer 21/9/2008. Just shows that even during "quieter" periods a quality bird can liven things up significantly...especially on your own "patch".


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