Saturday, 26 March 2011

Loose ends

Connected with Treecreeper (84) in the car park at Duff on Friday morning. Also finally managed to see "Andy's" House Martin in the earliest by a street. Previous earliest was 7/4. I then received texts of Russell Slack and Craig Ralston informing me that 2 Cranes had ben sighted by Julian Small from the bus on the Wheldrake to Crockey Hill road! A detour on the way to work was in order. No joy however as high hedges were an issue. Later in the morning they were seen at both Wheldrake Ings and NDC.
A small passage of Sand Martins occured in the evening at NDC numbering c25 birds. 18 Golden Plovers also shot through and 34 Whoopers were noted. Most headed north before dark.

Down for 8 this morning. Reward came in the shape of a large female Peregrine on a fence post by the river.

It is there!

A few more Sand Martins were noted, the 3 Oystercatchers remain faithful and a kettle of 3 Buzzards performed well over the reserve. Shelduck numbers have risen to an impressive 48...a record count! Many species are now singing/displaying, pity today's weather didn't compliment their mood. Curlews are always good value, this bird was just coming round!

My pals Haydn and Joel made the trip (independently) for the STT in Suffolk today. I didn't need it having seen the Bradwell bird in April 05. Haydn sent me a text which made me reflect on recent local events. The key point being that the Great Grey Shrike had graced both our local he said...a birding miracle!
The Cranes floating down the Valley were pretty cool too!!!

Clocks Spring forward tonight...Garganey tomorrow?

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