Monday, 28 March 2011

Adjustment needed!

Clock change great...light evenings. Yours truly needs time to adjust however, as I really felt it this morning when the alarm went at 6(5).30! Had a quick look tonight although my heart wasn't really in it. Little grebes have increased to 4 (my best is 6 on 2/5/04). A pair of smart Stock Doves flew right across the reserve which isn't a common sight. There was also a smattering of Whoopers but I have no idea how many remain?
No activity was noted around the potential Buzzard breeding site.
I noticed that Jono Leadley had a Grey Partridge near Skipwith on Sunday...not a common bird at all in these parts nowadays.

Euronews  A Yellow-crowned Night Heron has been found at Funchal Marina, Madeira. This is the 2nd record for the Western Palearctic as the 1st one was in the Azores, in December 2010. Details here.

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