Thursday, 11 November 2010

Yes...we have!

The confirmed sighting of AMERICAN ROBIN in Devon got me thinking (dangerous!). Is it still a MEGA? My mates Haydn and Tony Dixon think so...and so do I. I realize there have been a few fairly recent records and most birders now have it on there list, but there have only been 24 previous records and it is a special bird?
Consider...Grey-cheeked Thrush (not a MEGA) - plenty in the eighties (de-valued?), dried up after 91 (desirable again?). Scilly 2002 bird twitched by big listers!
Gyr? - plenty of records but difficult to twitch
Probably depends how old you are!! Just putting it out there...

What's in a MEGA?
  • Purely number of records
  • When the birds occured
  • Where the birds occured
  • Species
  • ..................?

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