Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Site loyalty - Escapes?

Never ceases to amaze me how birds return to the same place from year to year. Waxwings have re-appeared in Fulford, York. Hope to take a peep soon (not easy with ever shortening daylight).

I see the ringed Serin on the Out Skerries has opened up the "escape" debate again. No debate about the fact that it re-affirms that escaped birds can reach the extremities of Britain. Caution recommended, but very difficult/impossible to be sure. Do we (subconsciously) automatically assume that if a bird turns up at a "glamour spot" it is wild? Interesting though. The law of probabilities must finally apply here...leave it to the BBRC...even if you don't agree!! Even the House Finch debate has re-ignited!!!

Richard Millington reckons the Blakeney "empid" is an Alder and Birding World are apparently pro' House Finch. Looking good for a couple of British ticks?

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