Sunday, 7 November 2010

Shrike 2!

We decided to drive over to Sheffield to try for "the Shrike". Took forever to work our way through the city, due to the navigator (yours truly) missing a junction and the Meadowhall Christmas traffic. By the time we reached the area we were hungry so we hit the Strines Inn in Goshawk country (thoroughly recommended). After lunch we returned to Blaka Hill and spent till dusk waiting in vain for the bird to appear. The afternoon was livened up by the distant calls and then appearance around 3.15 of a pair of Ravens flying south, returning west at 3.30...always noteworthy in Yorks.

The Isabelline has now become a BROWN!!! Late Sunday MEGA sighting always a dilemma (if you've got work on Monday), glad I saw the '08 bird.

Gutted (genuinely) for the lads returning from Cornwall tonight...a tough one to take...Bonfire Night?
Just proves my 3 golden (obvious) rules of twitching :-
  • Get there ASAP
  • Get there ASAP
  • Get there ASAP

Waxwing winter well under way. Many great photos but not many better than these. How about something different?

Interesting Harrier in Norfolk?

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