Monday, 8 November 2010

Rush Bird 3 - White's Thrush

Now the dark nights are here I thought I'd reminisce with a few more of my Rush Birds. All can be found under Labels...

3. WHITE'S THRUSH (Easington, Yorks) - 10/10/2004
I'd decided to go to Flamborough (can't remember why!), maybe to seawatch, which is even more disturbing as I'm not a big fan. Maybe it was a feeble late attempt for my Yorks Cory's? Anyway I'd only been there a few minutes when the pager showed WHITE'S THRUSH!!! My eyes were initially fixed on the bird rather than the location and subconsciously I was thinking Scotland. Then it sunk in...Easington, Yorkshire! It's not a great road from Brid' but let's just say I made good time! All the time I was driving I was still trying to come to terms with an almost mythical bird turning up on my doorstep.
The crowd was gathering as I arrived and the atmosphere was typically tense. Birders were arriving by the minute and were strung out across the target area. The local lads had organised a periodic flush and eventually a time was agreed. There was some furtive activity in the bushes...then...there it was flying across the field in full view...MAGIC! In the next couple of hours I had further brief but quality views of this superb bird. The fact that it was in Yorkshire made it even sweeter. Never dreamt I'd see one in my county. Felt (genuinely) for Rich Willison and Gary Dayes who were on Scilly!
So, there it is. Another red letter day and a further example of the amazing unpredictability of Birding.

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