Sunday, 28 November 2010

Packed tight!

Minus 6 here last night (well, when I got in the car). We got wrapped up and took a walk north from Bubwith bridge. We could hear the Swans and sure enough they were in the same area on the river approx' 3/4 of a mile from the road. We approached again below the flood bank and managed to obtain stunning close views of the group, quite pleased with this one for point and shoot!

Really enjoy (very) crisp, clear days like this with stunning light and tight concentrations of Wildfowl, coupled with plenty of noise. I even heard the young Whoopers calling as they came and went in family groups. It was like an avian airport!

Also saw my first drake Pintail of the winter. No raptors today however.
By midday the snow had arrived so we hit the garden centre (Langlands) for lunch. I intended to have the last hour at Duff but the snow just got heavier, so it was back home for the Footy.

Forcast horrendous for tonight and the next few days...don't forget to feed the birds Chaps!

My mate from work has become a follower...Welcome Nige!

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