Saturday, 9 October 2010


Mainland Pallas's Grasshopper Warblers are unusual! So, off we went leaving my lads game at Tadcaster (beat Bridlington 3-1, and he scored, 8 for the season...that's ma boy) just on half-time. "Doctors garden at Whitburn" was the site. Negotiated the average speed check area of the A1, always handy when time is tight! Found Cornthwaite Park around 5.30 (with the help of Stuart at RBA) but we were puzzled as to where the Docs was, and the birders? Asked a few locals but no joy. We then noticed a derelict area consisting of the remains of a wall and shall we say undergrowth. We made our way in, saw a couple of heads which could only be birders and bingo we'd found the place! It then hit me that I wish I hadn't! This wasn't the picture of a doctors garden I had in my mind. The chances of finding the bird had diminished from an optimistic 30% to zero. Apparently it was seen well by one experienced observer. Still glad we treid. We left last and went for an Italian.

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